Commodity Risk Strategies and Software


BlackHound Consulting

Based in Chicago, BlackHound Consulting was created to help cooperatives, commodity firms, and marketers remain technologically competitive – and above all else – provide their customers with a greater arsenal of marketing programs and structured products.  Whether it's agriculture, softs, metals, dairy or energy, we pride ourselves in setting the standard for innovative software; BlackHound doesn’t push products to resell, we give you the tools to offer them in-house.  In a world of decreasing margins, producers and end-users deserve the most affordable, readily available, and transparent hedging opportunities.  BlackHound Consulting is here to help pave the way. 


The Name

Birdie 2.jpg

Meet Birdie.  She was rescued in 2014 in New Orleans where she was found on the side of the road in a box.  She undoubtedly possesses characteristics of a Plott hound, which are dogs bred to hunt boar and bears.  BlackHound Consulting was originally formed to help the US farmer hedge against bearish markets, and who better to track and hunt bears than Birdie.  Like Birdie, BlackHound is fiercely loyal and dedicated to our customers, always providing exemplary service and products.