Agribusiness Software

Yeah, we can do that.


System Integration

No need to worry about the costs associated with swapping and replacing existing software.  Upon BHC implementation, we will conduct a process consultation. This enables us to examine how you currently work with your technology, and how we can build into your systems.  From accounting and order management systems, to contract entry, we design everything to seamlessly work together, enabling a smooth and efficient transition and huge cost savings. 


100% Customizable

 We understand the importance of customization.  Out-of-the box software can be more of a headache than a helpful solution.  Why pay for accessories you will never use?  Customization allows for a better user experience, and quite frankly, just better technology. We are your toolbox for better results and increased profits.



Process automation

Process automation can help tremendously reduce human error and increase transparency.  BHC will automate contract entry, back office accounting, and reporting for you and your customers.  This ensures all internal and external risk metrics and program progression is measured and understood.  When risk is understood it creates the opportunity to capitalize on future price movement, thus enabling the user to increase their bottom line.  

Options, Futures, and structured products risk management

BlackHound has extensive experience building risk management systems for complex structured products, allowing commodity firms to offer hedging tools to their customers while mitigating market risk.

Aside from structured products, our consultants have worked with and built dozens of different trading systems within the derivatives industry.  We understand risk.  A combination of customization and experience provides our customers with outstanding software.  VaR, exotic options, Monte Carlo simulations, 3D volatility surfaces - these are just a few examples of what we can help you with.